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AVL Growth Partners Announces Bethany Parker as CEO

AVL Growth Partners  ·  December 6, 2022  ·  2 min

AVL Growth Partners today announced Bethany Parker as new CEO starting January 1, 2023. Parker, the former COO, will be taking the reins from Founder Chris Schwalbach in a long planned move as the company looks to rebrand and bring new services to market next year.

“This has been in the works since I hired Bethany two years ago,” said Chris Schwalbach, AVL Founder and CEO. “She has a bold vision for the company that builds on my primary goal of creating great lives while being pivotal to the success of our clients.”

Schwalbach will remain as Chairman of the Board, “As I transition to the Chairman role, I will focus on evangelizing the mission of AVL to the community, our clients and team members” continued, Schwalbach “it’s been the run of a lifetime, and I’m excited about how AVL will continue to evolve beyond me. In addition, I will follow my personal passion and look for opportunities outside of AVL to help entrepreneurs succeed.” 

"AVL is one of the best kept secrets because of the impact we make on companies and our unique employment model” says Parker, “we are taking our game-changing approach to a new level.” 

"Our mission is to reimagine the way early-stage companies grow and trailblaze a new standard on the how” continued Parker “we believe talent-sharing will be the new way to the road to success. We’ll be rebranding around this notion and expanding our service offerings in 2023, stay tuned.”

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AVL pioneered the fractional C-level concept with the introduction of their CFO services for entrepreneurs and startups in 2009. Today, AVL provides comprehensive financial services by providing a full-stack team comprised of Accountants, Controllers, and Chief Financial Officers. AVL’s more than 70 employees are dedicated to being pivotal to their client’s success.

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