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How To Create an Actually Desirable Executive Equity Compensation Plan

May 25, 2021 How do you plan the best equity compensation plan to ensure a key executive stays with your company? 

AVL Welcomes new COO, Bethany Parker

October 19, 2020 AVL’s continued growth has created opportunities to innovate and expand its leadership team. This will allow AVL to serve companies with more growth[…]

How it Feels to Exceed Your 10-Year Plan

September 22, 2020 AVL Growth Partners has reached an exciting milestone. Eleven years of delivering full-stack finance and accounting services for growth-stage[…]

Finding the Genius in the Leads

July 7, 2020 Mark Godley is the CEO at LeadGenius, a startup located in Berkeley, California, that helps global enterprise companies with their data strategies[…]

Six Key Questions About PPP

June 21, 2020 You are definitely not alone in your confusion around the PPP and the newly issued PPPFA. There’s a tremendous amount of complexity, which we can[…]

Entrepreneurship Stimulus: UK vs US

June 12, 2020 Entrepreneurship is a significant catalyst for a strong economy, but why wasn’t this sector injected with stimulus dollars? During Covid-19, you have[…]

The Rise of the Virtual CFO

June 5, 2020 The growing need for financial experts in business has become even more apparent with current economic difficulties, but the demand has been growing[…]

Getting From Here to There

May 29, 2020 Summary: A $30 million logistics company loses access to working capital from its current banking relationships. They have no funds to hire a[…]

Case Study: The Exit Strategy

November 13, 2019 It may seem counterintuitive, but guiding a company to exit is a common goal for AVL.