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AVL and Carta Connect to Make Equity Management More Efficient

Chris Schwalbach  ·  July 15, 2020  ·  3 min

As a full-stack CFO firm focused on Seed through Series B markets, AVL Growth Partners provides a team that is armed with expertise and provides tools to help businesses where they need it most. AVL has recently partnered with Carta, a SaaS company that creates cap table efficiency for founders, investors, and employees. 

AVL is able to provide more detailed services around early-stage launches, scalable cap table management, fundraise planning, investor alignment, and effective cap table management–all managed through the Carta platform. Our partnership provides clients even more streamlined services to reflect, plan, and adjust quickly. 

Planning your launch

AVL helps seed-stage and rapidly scaling companies with financial focus and strategy –  preparedness for a fundraise, accounting and finance best-practice implementations, and enterprise strategic initiatives. If you are a funded company with an increasingly complex cap table, we have a team who can manage your table to scale. Our model enables your business to leverage highly skilled and technical accounting resources to facilitate equity management. Our partnership with Carta enhances our ability to simplify your cap table management and enable a clear growth path.

Foundation for scale

AVL has a track record for assisting in the foundation for scalability and Carta is designed to make cap table management easily scalable for all parties — investors, attorneys, accountants, etc. — who are interested in the organizational structure. The combination of our expertise and Carta’s platform provides even more flexibility, efficiency, and predictive accuracy. 

Preparing for your next fundraise

With our experience helping companies maintain visibility and transparency throughout the fundraising process. Carta brings more tools and resources to best prepare for a successful fundraising campaign, while also providing the platform to help manage and track funds effectively. Combining our expertise with Carta’s tools provides more support where companies need it, so they can go back to their day-to-day operations to help their organization thrive and grow.

Investor alignment through growth

It is important for investors to have a clear understanding of finances and a company’s cap table is an incredibly important step for their comfortability in investing. It is also important to make sure a company’s financial and social objectives are understood and supported when making strategic business decisions. Company and investor alignment is easier when the information is consistent and transparent. 

Partnering with Carta allows for AVL to access the tools needed to manage financial information and present it to investors to increase confidence in their decision to invest.  

Importance of cap table management

There is considerable liability if cap table management is mismanaged early on in the process. It could even possibly derail a fundraise if the proper set-up and management of your equity is not clear to investors. Maintaining thorough, easy-to-read information helps investors maintain confidence and help with future financial management.

AVL has the insight, methods, and tools to manage cap tables effectively, and incorporating Carta into our services allows for information to be easily accessed and managed when a company needs it most.   

Being an integral part of the team is the AVL model and partnering with Carta provides one more asset to any business at any stage of its development. 

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