Our Story

In 2009, Chris Schwalbach had just wrapped up a CFO role with a tech startup in Denver.  During the transition to his theoretical next role, Chris began helping out a few early stage companies with their business plans, capital raises, financial reporting, and financial modeling.  Within a few weeks, Chris recognized that there was really no organization that truly offered a full finance operations stack as a professional service on an on-demand basis to help these early stage companies get the help and guidance and professionalism they needed and wanted.  For many years, law firms have provided on-demand legal professional services as a team, so why not finance operations?  From there, AVL Growth Partners was born with the mission of helping entrepreneurs grow and succeed by providing a full compliment of CFO and finance operations, from executive guidance to front-line execution.


Our goal is not to be known as a consulting firm, an outsourcing firm, or a staffing agency, but as a Full Stack CFO Firm. We want to be an integral part of your team, deeply engaged in your business, and aligning for your long-term success. With that mindset, AVL Growth Partners has over 50 professionals that are obsessively focused on connecting the past, present and forward view of your business. We have worked with several hundred companies across a range of growth-focused industries, ranging from pre-revenue startups to established, eight-figure businesses with hundreds of employees. Along the way, we have helped our client companies raise over a quarter billion in capital, as well as navigated several toward successful exits of their companies.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

We are financial experts that specialize in the challenges and issues facing early stage and high growth companies. We understand and execute in timeframes that sync with the cadence (and chaos) of our clients, knowing that success doesn’t always follow a straight, “up and to the right” path.


We purposely designed our staffing model to be incredibly responsive and our team of professionals available when our clients need us. We work by their side, evolving to become a trusted, integral and long-term part of their team.


We are business executives with a finance and business intelligence mindset. We bring the numbers to the executive conversation to seek a deeper understanding of your business in order to catalyze growth.


Our professionals are passionate about growth and have all served in key finance operations roles in high-growth companies across many industries.

Flexible & Responsive

We bake flexibility and responsiveness into everything we do, from how we deliver our services to how you pay for them. Our clients gain access to the knowledge, skills and experience they need, dynamically adjusted based on the current needs of their business and only pay for what they use.

Full Stack Offering

Our clients get access to more than just one professional at a time. We are an integrated team of professionals that work in partnership to drive and own the day-to-day economic picture of our clients’ businesses, as well as guide the strategic capital needs that help their businesses grow.